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Column in 'Love Wise' #1 (december 2003)


HIV/AIDS and nutrition in the picture

Healthy living is important for everybody, specifically for people living with HIV/AIDS. Healthy eating is a major branch of healthy living, which means eating a variety of foods providing an appropriate amount of energy and nutrients for the body. Food energy is measured in calories and provides the body with fuel so it can keep running and the nutrients are the part of foods the body uses to keep itself strong.

In case of sickness the body’s needs for energy and nutrients is increased. And therefore, people with HIV/AIDS should pay extra attention to the diet to keep their weight at a proper level and to help strengthen the body and fight against infection. But for people who are infected by the virus it is not always possible to eat the food they like and make them feel good. They are faced by several food related problems, which aren’t common in other people. The major problem is weight loss and this is the warning signal that the body is not provided by the food it needs. There are several reasons for weight loss and there are different kinds of problems, which make eating difficult. A healthy diet adjusted to the needs and complaints of people with HIV/AIDS can help prevent weight loss, maintain and improve well being and contribute to the quality of life.

The column "Nutrition and HIV/AIDS" is created to provide information on this important topic. Answers to frequently asked questions will be given, as well as practical advise and delicious recipes.
Every month, an other topic will be discussed. The topics that will be put into discussion are: a healthy diet, food related complaints like weight loss, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, chewing and swallowing problems and food supplements and personal hygiene in relation to HIV/AIDS.

Topic for next month: What is a healthy diet?


Paw Paw filled with mixed fruits
Recipe for 4 persons

2 ripe middle size paw paw
1 small size pineapple
2 medium size banana’s
1 tablespoon lemonjuice
3 tablespoon orange juice

Wash and halve the Paw Paw. Remove the seeds with a tablespoon. Remove the fruitpulp and put this in a bowl. Peel the pineapple and chop it into pieces, peel the banana’s and chop it into slices. Add the pineapple and banana to the paw paw. Sqeeuze the lemon and the orange and mix the juice with the fruits in the bowl. Fill the paw paw halves with the fruits and serve it as a dessert or as a snack.

A delicious variety

Make this desert more delicious by mixing 1-2 portions vanillia ice cream witch the fruit mix.
All kind of seasonal fruits like watermelon, apple, mango or mandarin can be used for this recipe.


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